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Welcome to Tootsies Nail Shoppe

At Tootsie’s, our #1 priority is you! That means, non toxic, chemical free, sanitation and sterilization is 1st to protect you and our staff from infection and toxic smells which are very dangerous to your health. Have you ever wondered, why your salon that you go to the techs have masks?? You should have one too! Sitting in a salon getting your nails done while breathing the toxic fumes are very dangerous to your health, your children’s health and your unborn baby’s health. As an asthma suffer, I understand the danger of breathing in toxic chemicals in salons, we are environmentally friendly. You can rest assured that you will not be breathing dangerous chemicals, during your visit.

We exceed the industry’s standards for sanitation. We never, ever use the same file over and over again. Nor, do we use the same foot file. Each file and buffer is disposed of, at the end of each service.

We do not use Micro plains (AKA cheese graters) found in most salons on your feet, which insures you are have a safe and healthy pedicure every time. Safe for a diabetic’s!

We offer non toxic polishes, vitamin enriched dipping powder for enhancements. Nor do we remove acrylic from others salons, which keep you safe from flying acrylic dust in our salon.

Our implements are sanitized according to State board recommendations for sanitation, but we go one step further to give you the safest and best service. We use a state of the art auto clave sanitizer after each use. An autoclave sterilization device is guaranteed to kill any bug

We are a full service nail salon with an emphasis on natural nail care and nail restoration. We are serious about nail care and client’s needs. We use gentler products that omit chemicals used in most products, to nourish and care for your nails. We make our own foot scrub 100% natural, infused with grape seed oil and essential oils. We also make our own detoxing foot soak.

We love foot Logix products that offer healing properties.

We offer a peaceful, tranquil experience that keeps clients coming back, as much for a soothing respite as for beautiful, natural nails. Without paying spa prices!

We are all master nail techs and experts in Natural Nail Care.

Come and check us out! We will exceed you expectations!

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Lisa Pyle